Week 6: Process Post

This week I received feedback on my blog from the peer review that was both complimentary and constructive. I had made changes to the theme I was using a couple of weeks ago and I discovered that all the CSS work I had done was completely overridden back to the original theme. I had lost all the code I changed. Thus, I began to work through my CSS again: this time I made sure to copy and paste all the CSS into a separate text file in the case that it may get overridden again. I’m not sure what and when my changes had been overridden, but I’m guessing it was when I updated my WordPress before the peer reviewing happened.

Besides that, my peer reviewer didn’t have any major issues, but suggested I make the titles of my entries larger so it visually catches the reader’s attention while helping keep each entry distinct from one another. I was quite happy with what I had, but I decided to make the font size larger and slightly heavier. I also made my header image smaller because it was appearing too large and took up too much of the screen. Overall, I am happy with the ample whitespace and light accents.

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